MLB 07

mlbTitle : MLB 07
Firmware : 3.50
Developer : EA
Game Type : Sports

Thanks to Sony’s dubious track record when it comes to first-party sports games, its excellent MLB series hasn’t always received the recognition it deserves. But after the outstanding MLB 06: The Show, people are taking notice of SCEA’s yearly baseball efforts. MLB 07

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Full Auto 2

fa2Title : Full Auto 2
Firmware : 3.80
Developer : Famitsu
Game Type : Sports

Full Auto 2: Battlelines puts high-speed vehicles outfitted with weapons and armor into fully realized and fully destructible urban street environments. Players can destroy the environment to dynamically change track conditions to block competitors,

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NBA 08

nba8Title : NBA 08
Firmware : 2.80
Developer : SCE
Game Type : Sports

NBA ’08 introduces a number of brand new mini-games that players can enjoy anytime, anywhere. All-new carnival-style games such as Block-a-Shot join contests such as Fast Break, Shootin’ Bricks, and pinball to provide fast action that adds to the stable of traditional and non-traditional basketball action.

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